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Tasty Beautiful Things- Strawberry Cake in a Jar


Strawberries and cake are two beautiful things! Put a layer of cream cheese filling between them and you have… tasty beautiful things! Strawberry Cake in a Jar!  This is one of my mom’s old recipies, but I’ve added a twist as I baked them in individual portions!   I’ve seen so many adorable desserts in a jar (like on Our Best Bites), and I thought this recipe would work well in a jar too!

cake in a jar 1

 For the cake:  My mom used to use a betty crocker white cake mix, which is good and easy!  I have made it with this, with the cake mix, a pound cake recipe, a vanilla cupcake recipe, and this time I used Martha’s white cake.  I use my ice cream scoop that is a little bigger than the regular cupcake size.

For the cream cheese filling:  Whip up 8 oz. of cream cheese with 2 cups powdered sugar. Add to that, 12 oz cool whip or 1 pt. freshly whipped cream.  (I prefer the real whipped cream).

For the strawberry layer:  Mix 1 pkg of Danish dessert (strawberry flavor) with 2 cups cold water.  Then heat it in a saucepan, bringing to a boil and stirring with a whisk.  Let it boil for one minute.  After it cools, add 2-3 cups of chopped strawberries.

cake in a jar 2


Here is a picture of the danish dessert, so you know what you’re looking for at the store.  🙂

cake in a jar 3

My mom used to make this recipe in two 9×13 pans.  Using half the ingredients in each pan.   I found that with the half pint jar, it made about 20 jars worth, with a bit of filling and strawberry left.

cake in a jar 4

 When you fill the jars, use ice cream scoops and try not to get any on the sides of the jar.  Can you see where there is a little cake batter streak on one of these?  Also, I used a different ice cream scoop to put the filling in, then I used a spoon to flatten it out, trying not to get cream on the top part of the jar.  The cake domes a little and I could’ve trimmed it so it was perfectly flat, but it didn’t bother me when you couldn’t tell from the outside of the jar.

cake in a jar 5

 The only trick when putting the top layer in was not to overfill.  I wanted just enough so it was totally full, but not spilling over when I put the canning lid on.

cake in a jar 6

 After I put the metal lid on, I put a piece of cut cardstock on then screwed the rest of the lid on.

cake in a jar 7

 I fancied them up with a little paper embellishment and some lace.  I stuck it to the blue paper with a little dab of hot glue.  It looks homey, and feminine and perfect for mother’s day, I think.  And I think my mom would’ve loved the idea of this cake in a little jar!

cake in a jar 8

 I love giving out these little pre-porportioned gifts and I think you will too!

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