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Hot Cocoa Bar – Girls Night In

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A hot cocoa bar is just the thing you need to include at your next Girls Night IN!

hot cocoa bar

Hosting a girls night IN is a perfect way to unwind and reconnect with good friends. And I am convinced that the key to a successful girls night is to keep it casual, which is why this hot cocoa bar is such a great idea. You can make something so delicious look festive and fun without a ton of work! Moms- put the kids to bed, call your girlfriends to come over and get ready for a night of simple deliciousness!

What to Include in a Hot Cocoa Bar


  • Hot Cocoa (I used my Keurig machine + Keurig K Cups Cocoa.
  • add ins of your choice. Here are some examples:
    – creamer
    – marshmallows
    – chocolate chips
    – peppermint candies
    – peanut butter candies
    – cinnamon sticks or candies
    – vanilla ice cream (for a hot cocoa milkshake)
    – caramel sauce or candies
    – orange zest
  • cups
  • stirrers or spoons
  • plates and containers for the food
  • table decorations – fresh flowers , hot cocoa banner etc.

Here are some pictures from our hot cocoa bar-

hot cocoa bar 10

Our girls night was just me and 5 friends, so we kept it really simple!

hot cocoa bar 4

Presentation isn’t everything, but it is a lot of fun! Set out your hot cocoa cups and creamer on a fun try for guests to see and easily grab.

hot cocoa bar 5

For our party, we just used glass Mason jars instead of mugs, but I think a personalized mug for each guest would be a super fun party favor!

hot cocoa bar 6

Treats are always a good thing for your girls night in! I kept our night simple with some easy cookies that weren’t at all messy and they were perfect for dunking!

hot cocoa bar 7

Marshmallows are a must, and those chocolate peanut butter eggs were a delicious bonus!

hot cocoa bar 9

The decor on the table was a simple vase of fresh flowers. Nice and easy, but a fun, colorful addition!

hot cocoa bar 2