12 Daytz of Christmas

In 2008 my husband and I were HORRIBLE at making time to spend just the 2 of us, so  I came up with the idea to pre-plan a date night for every month in 2009. I called it The 12 Daytz of Christmas.

I chose dates we probably would not have chosen to do had we decided on the fly to go out, which is usually what we did. Things like going to a comedy club or miniature golfing- all fun activities, but not something we ever made plans to do.

When I gave him this for Christmas, I just printed it out on plain white paper and stapled the corners of each page- TOTALLY boring! Today, in preparation for this post, I jazzed it up a bit and made them into printables you can staple together to make a coupon book. Or, even better, grab some envelopes and include all the supplies you’d need for each date- gift cards, checklists, money etc. so you really are ready to go!  (Like the project I planned HERE.)

Here are the printables with the ideas I gave to my husband:

You can right-click on the above images if you want to save them and print them, but if you want to create your own dates, download this FREE PDF with all the black templates and go crazy!

{Click here to download the Free PDF of the 12 Daytz of Christmas}


(This idea was originally published in 2009 but was edited in 2010 and again in 2012)

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  1. Josh and Tiff says

    I love, love, love this idea!! So cute. I may do this for Josh, haha. I'm not creative to think of my own :)

  2. Kalleigh Hathaway says

    I LOVE this. I wish I had the kind of relationship that let me plan for things like that, but I don't even get to see him at least once a month. Sigh.

  3. Cris, Callie, and Cayten says

    I love this idea . . . it is a great Christmas gift when you are trying to be frugal . . . I am gonna do it!

  4. MaryC says

    I just emailed this link to all the women in my family and friends list. This is a great gift idea and the perfect reminder to mind you marriage.
    Thanks for sharing

  5. Tasha says

    Thanks for sharing this! I remember when you talked about this on your other blog last year and thought what an awesome idea!! I love all your fun wording even too.

  6. PuggleTrouble says

    What a fantastic idea! I'm always saying we need to have "date night". And we always end up getting take out and a movie….
    He's so getting this for Christmas this year!!! Thanks

  7. Amanda @ Serenity Now says

    I love this, but my homebody husband would probably just be happy staying home to watch The History Channel or ESPN. :s

  8. SarahAnne says

    Such a great idea!!! Thanks for sharing. Perfect for my guy who doesn't know what he wants, ever, and I never know what to get him. Another tool this year wasn't feeling very exciting to me, so this is a great idea. Thanks so much.

  9. Cassie says

    What a great idea! With our first baby due in Dec, I can see our date nights slipping to the way side too easily, this will hopefully help keep us going! Thanks for posting what you used they are great daytz!

  10. Megan says

    Love this idea! So cute, and I love the way you wrote them all, super creative! BTW I love that on Leah's chore chart, the first thing is "Be Happy!" HILARIOUS!

  11. Shelley says

    omigosh! This is perfect! I am sooo using this idea. My friend from howdoesshe.com featured this and I am so glad she did. What a great idea! :)

  12. Leanne says

    What a fun idea. I'm going to have to make one now. Thanks for sharing. I'm having a giveaway this week if you'd like to stop by.

  13. Elizabeth (blue clear sky) says

    Very creative and such a great way to plan some time together. My kids would so want to go along to most of the dates though!

  14. Funky Junk Interiors says

    So so cool! Christmas is every month this way. :) Love the digital art you've done too!

    Thanks for linking up to SNS #5!

    Funky Junk Donna

  15. Kate says

    WOW! This is a great idea. I'm definitely using this general idea for my husband this year! Thanks for sharing.

  16. Jamie says

    THANK YOU so much for sharing this! I am having it printed and giving it to my hubby for St. Nicks day. He always says we don't go on enough dates, and I agree so now we have no excuse! Thanks again for your generocity!

  17. Brian and Ashley says

    I adore this! I think I may use these for my husband- what a fun 12 Days of Christmas idea!

  18. Lesley says

    Thank you for this wonderful idea! I stole several of your months, and added some of my own, then put them into a little booklet for my husband for Christmas. (Your months look so much nicer than my little efforts though!) Thanks again for sharing.

  19. Crowley Family says

    I love this idea and totally did it for my husband. I'm posting a picture on my blog and putting a link to your blog so others can see where I got this great idea. Thanks.

    • says

      I do have a neighbor that we use all the time for a babysitter and I have thought about asking her to be on standby every 2nd Friday of the month so I don’t have to worry about wondering if someone else has already booked her! :) When you know a good babysitter, don’t tell your friends ’cause suddenly you’ll be competing with them to book her first! :)

  20. says

    I am glad you reposted this. I tweeted it and shared on Facebook. Such a good idea for marrieds to make sure they have a monthly date that happens and is creative.

  21. says

    Wow! Thank you for sharing. I have been a bit stumped on what to do for my hubby this Christmas…and this is it! I love the creative rhymes on each coupon. Looking forward to using some of your ideas and integrating some of my own.