Grilled Cheese Pizza Dippers

grilled cheese pizza dippers 4

These Grilled Cheese Pizza Dippers were a serendipitous discovery. When my now-7-year-old was just a baby, I was planning on making grilled cheese for dinner (because that's a great way for a mom with a newborn to feed a family with a picky … [Read more...]

Grilled Chicken Roller


Here is another recipe that is sure to get some smiles from your dinner guests! A Grilled Chicken Roller is tasty and super easy to make. There are some variations you can add or things to adjust, like stuffing your chicken breasts with different … [Read more...]

Orange Creamsicle Floats

orange creamsicle floats

Anyone else a fan of 50/50 ice cream bars? (Two hands up over here!) These Orange Creamsicle Floats are just like the classic 50/50 bars but in a drink form. Creamy vanilla ice cream surrounded by a sweet orange deliciousness... my mouth is watering … [Read more...]

Bird’s Nest Easter Cookies


One of my favorite things about holidays is the opportunity to make cute and tasty treats to accompany them. I make something fun for every holiday... gingersnaps at Christmas time, soft sugar cookies for Valentine's day, and delicious Irish food for … [Read more...]

Sausage and Kale Quinoa

Sausage Kale Quinoa

Wait! Don't go! I know some of you are thinking, "Kale and quinoa. No thanks. I don't want to eat it and I know my kids won't want to eat it." But, you have to trust me here. This one pot meal is very good! My college roommate sent me this recipe as … [Read more...]

Easter Chocolate Bark

Easter Chocolate Bark

Making Easter chocolate bark can be a creative and fun way to include children in the kitchen. They can help choose the toppings and also sprinkle them on the melted chocolate. If you don't include the kids in this activity, the end product can be … [Read more...]

Easy Oven Baked Sliders


Let me tell you why I love oven baked sliders! First, it opens up the possibility of having a burger-night year round. Usually the weather has to be warm enough (but not too warm!) for us to want to stand by the grill outside. Not with these! Pop … [Read more...]

Open-Faced Baked Sandwiches

French toast ham cheese and salad on dish

Here is another simple meal that doesn’t involve more than a few ingredients and won’t take all evening to prepare! These delicious baked sandwiches are one of the easiest ways to get dinner prepped and on the table in no time at all! This is a … [Read more...]

Monte Cristo Sandwich

Homemade Monte Cristo Sandwich with Ham and Cheese

I didn't discover the delicious taste of a Monte Cristo Sandwich until just a few years ago- where had I been?!?! Simple, crispy, warm deliciousness- these sandwiches are tasty! Making them is as easy as making french toast, but you build a yummy … [Read more...]