Mickey and Minnie Cookies

Our “Resident Cookie Expert” is back today sharing a fun Disney treat!
Today I’m feeling all Disney inside.  My family and I are fresh off a Disneyland vacation.  My sister’s son is now famous for asking, “Is it a fact, or an opinion, that this is the happiest place on earth?”
Sometimes you do wonder when you witness a child melting down from being off their nap schedule and the parents are saying, “you need to settle down, because we ARE staying for Fantasmic!”
No seriously.  I believe it is, in fact “the happiest place on earth” when I enter Pooh’s Corner.  You know the candy store at the end of the Winnie the Pooh ride?  As I was purchasing my Minnie Mouse apple, I stopped to notice Minnie’s bow was royal icing with sanding sugar.  So I thought I’d come back home and make some Disney cookies and talk about “floodwork” here on somewhat simple.
I made these cookies a few months ago and packed them in my kids’ lunches.
This was the surprise-ish way I told them of our definite plans to go to Disneyland.
I have all my recipes and tips for sugar cookies and making royal icing on my blog.  Go here for cookie tips.  But one more thing you should know is that when you are dying red, or black icing, you should plan on using a lot!  Like almost a whole one of these little babies for just a couple cups of frosting.
Mickey was a 3 step deal.  Pretty easy, just wait for it to dry a few hours in between each step.  You could do it all at the same time, but your black and red could get up in each others’ business.  And the buttons would meld into the red and be even, instead of raised.  But hey, no biggie if you’re short on time.
Minnie was more complex for me.  She’s got hair accessories to worry about.  I just couldn’t decide what to do with her bow.  But I did know that I wanted to make them as “floodwork.”
So the lesson for today is “foodwork.”  At least that’s what my people call it.  This is referring to when you pipe out separate decorations and then transfer them onto your cake or cookies.  I simply pipe onto parchment paper and over night, you can easily pick it right up.  For the plain bow, in order to have the center look defined, you need to pipe the sides and let them dry for a couple hours, then make the dot in the center.  I like those better than the ones on the right which were done all at once.
When I made some bling-y bows, I poured plenty of disco dust and sanding sugar on and left it there while it dried.  I didn’t shake off the excess until it was completely dry.  Then you have a custom decoration that you can put on your cookie/cake/carmel apple.
If you were really loving it, you could make your own sprinkles.  I’ve seen it done, but I can’t remember where.  I love my (not home-made) Mickey Mouse Quins I used on some cake pops.
I thought they should be on a cookie too.
The other great thing about “foodwork” is that you can set them half on and half off of your cookie.  Like the turkey feet on this cookie.  Parts of Minnie’s bow would sag if I piped right onto the cookie.
If you don’t have a Mickey-shaped cookie cutter, then you can just outline his head on a round, and fill.  I added some red polka dots around to bring in more red.
These are pretty simple, but I love the bold shapes and vibrant colors.
Something about these cookies just makes me happy.  And that’s a fact!
I hope you all have fun in your summer adventures whether it’s with Mickey, or floodwork!  Or both!
Thanks to Stephanie for having me on Somewhat Simple today!  Your blog is simply beautiful!mickey minnie mouse cookies
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  1. I love these cookies! I also loved how you told the kids you were going on vacation with them. I think I might have to “borrow” your idea when we surprise our kids. Thanks for the great idea!

  2. These cookies are awesome, and I love how you surprised your kids with them!!

  3. I just LOVE these cookies! I am having a birthday party for my daughter at the end of the month and these will be perfect for her Mickey and Minnie party!

    I had to laugh at your “you need to settle down because you ARE staying for Fantasmic!” because we just got back from our Disney vacation and I think I said those exact words! LOL

    It really is the happiest place on earth…. even though there are meltdowns and a few fights. Seeing the magic through their eyes makes it ALL worth it! We had so much fun on our vacation, and I hope you did to!

    I hope I do your cookies justice when I try to make them :-)

  4. I was wondering how u got the icing physically on the cookie and if it is on both sides of the cookie

    • Robert- I apply the icing with squeeze bottles. You can find them at craft stores or kitchen supply stores. The icing is just on one side of the cookie. :)

  5. Are the bows made from the royal icing recipe?

  6. How do you stick/paste the icing bows to the cookie?

  7. Did the cookies taste bad? I have found that using the amount of coloring that you need to get the true black or red, usually makes the icing taste bad, ruining the taste of the cookie. I heard that Americolor Tulip Red is basically tasteless (or less tasty?) Just wondering. beautiful work btw. I am looking to make Mickey silhouettes from royal icing ahead of time to decorate the tops of cupcakes and flooded cookies with. I was looking to see what techniques people have used. That Google search brought me here. Thanks!

    • When you use a lot of red or black coloring in your icing, you can start to taste it, but I personally don’t find it bad. Yes, tulip red is supposed to be tasteless, but is less of a true red. Up to you on which you prefer!


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