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Cupcake Love Week 3 – Easy Holiday Cupcake Decorating Ideas


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Have a little fun dressing up your baked goods with simple holiday cupcake decorating ideas.


Welcome back to another week of the Cupcake ♥ Love Workshop. This week I’ll show you some different piping techniques and we’ll have a little fun with cupcake decorating ideas.

1. Cupcake Liners

You can start decorating your cupcakes before you even bake them with a fun cupcake liner. I’ve started a little collection of cupcake liners because there are so many cute ones!

2. Colorful Frosting

One simple way to make your cupcakes POP is to add some colorful frosting. Add food coloring to the frosting before you add it to your piping bag and you’re good to go! You can use any food coloring you like, but for some extra bold colors, try Americolor soft gel pastes – they come in over 40 different colors and they are my very favorite!

3. Sprinkles, Sugars and Jimmies

I love decorating with edible decorations, especially colored sugars. It gives a glittery effect to your cupcake and who doesn’t love things that sparkle?

4. Cupcake Toppers

Printable Cupcake Toppers are a great way to finish off a cupcake. They’re easy to use and super cute. Simply print, cut or punch and attach to a 4″ lollipop stick.

5. Proper Piping Technique

Using a piping bag and decorating tip is super easy! Here is how to get the perfect frosted cupcakes every time!

1. Place your decorating tip inside your piping bag. If you’re using a disposable bag, you will need to cut the tip of your bag. Make sure you don’t cut too high as you don’t want your piping tip to fall through.

2. Fill your piping bag with frosting and twist the top of the bag. This will create pressure so you will have an even flow of frosting.

3. Place your cupcake on a flat surface. Hold the top of your piping bag between your thumb and forefinger and the bottom of the bag with your other hand.

4. Start on the outside of your cupcake and in a clockwise motion pipe your frosting.

5. If you’re building your frosting upwards (as shown in the above photo) continue piping layers of frosting until a yummy frosting peak is created.

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