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Organizing with Bins and Labels


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Clean up is a breeze when everything has a place! Here are 20 favorite ways to organize with bins and labels.

Grab your Printable Project Checklist and get ready to organize everything!  Start with your Kitchen Drawers, your Manuals and Warranties, and then make a Family Command Center to encourage organization within your whole house!  This list of organization inspiration is here to help!

various wooden shelves with bins inside each compartment for storage

Organizing my home is one of my favorite ways to spend my time! Purging clutter is freeing, and making the area clean and pretty just feels so good! One of my favorite ways to organize my home is by using baskets, bins and labels. Coordinating containers just look and feel tidy – wouldn’t you agree? Today I want to share some organization ideas that will help inspire you to tackle that closet, cupboard, or space in your home that maybe needs a little TLC.

Organizing with Bins

a garage organized with several white bins stacked up with each having a label noting what's inside.

Organize your garage with matching labeled bins. || A Bowl Full of Lemons.

Organize kid’s puzzles with plastic bins || The Homes I Have Made

this plastic bin with a child's name on it is showing how to organize your kid's school papers

Organize school papers in a plastic file box.

Organize your sheets – 1 set in each photo box.

boys hockey room cubby shelf with la kings jerseys

Organize a boy’s bedroom with DIY Jersey Cubbies.

Use plastic bins for play dough and kinetic sand.

Organizing with Baskets

an organized kitchen pantry filled with labeled bins and other food canisters.

Organize your pantry with matching baskets and snack containers.

Organize your utility closet with baskets – light bulbs, batteries, extension cords etc.

a Playroom underneath the stairs with wooden shelves and in each compartment is a wicker basket bin

Organize your kid’s toys with baskets and cubbies.

Organize your pantry with baskets and labels. || The Container Store

Organizing with Labels

glass jars with crayons and markers that has a label on the jar noting what's inside

Organize your small office with labeled supply boxes

Organize you kitchen cupboards with matching labels. || Bless’er House

a wooden white shelf with different compartments. Each on has either a white basket or a black bin inside

Organize your playroom with pictured label bins. || The Homes I Have Made

Organize you home office with labeled file boxes.

Storage Solutions

metal bins on a shelf. One is pulled out showing movies neatly organized inside

Organize your video games, remotes, DVDs, snacks for kids etc. with a media console with metal drawers.

Organize your mudroom with baskets and labels. ||The Container Store

a collage of pictures showing different examples of how to organize a space using bins and labels.

Do you have any special system that keeps you organized? I’d love to hear your ideas!

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