The Enchilada Scale

You might notice in some of my older recipe posts that I make mention of an “Enchilada Scale.”  The meaning behind that term is this:

My husband’s all time favorite thing to eat that I make are enchiladas. Whenever I used to try a new recipe, I would ask him how he liked it and I usually got an answer that went something like this: “It’s fine, but I like enchiladas better.”

In an effort to find something else the guy went nuts for, I started asking him how each meal compared to enchiladas. I would say, “Ok, 10 being enchiladas, what number is this meal?” And he would then reply, “an 8 or 9″.

That simple answer tells me a the new recipe is worth keeping! I obviously know nothing is going to satisfy him the way enchiladas does, but him telling me how close or far he is from satisfaction is exactly the answer I need.

In preparation for this post, I searched Pinterest for some Enchilada recipes- look how delicious these look!!!

I’ve actually tried the Honey Lime Enchiladas from The Girl Who ate everything. They were FABULOUS!

These Pork Enchiladas with Creamy Sauce look good- except I would probably use chicken instead, ’cause I’m not a huge pork fan.

My husband probably wouldn’t even try these Stacked Roasted Veggie Enchiladas ’cause he has an aversion to all green foods, but I think they look yummy!

And these Chicken Enchiladas are being called THE BEST and are probably the most popular picture of Enchiladas on Pinterest.

These Chipotle Pork Enchiladas make my mouth water. Like, I want to bite my computer screen.

BHG says these Enchiladas are “Easy” and only take 35 minutes from prep to finish- I can dig that!

I think it’s time to start fixing dinner. (Unfortunately I no longer think the Chicken Parmesan recipe on my menu sounds good!)

What are you cookin’ up tonight?

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  1. My family loves those stacked roasted vegetable enchiladas! They are delish! Tofu tonight!

  2. I love enchiladas… of any sort. I copied every one of the recipes that you cited. I looked up the recipes for your red and green enchiladas, too and can’t wait to try them.


  3. leftovers tonight but with a store run this evening, i think enchiladas may be for supper tomorrow. thanks for the yummy suggestions.

  4. Yum! I love enchiladas. Thanks for all of the good ideas.

  5. My friend just invited me over for enchiladas! How funny is that? They all look delicious…I love that there are so many ways to cook such a simple food. Yum!

  6. Wow, thank you for sharing this! Can’t wait to try these recipes. We used to live in the States and ate these many times but never tried to make them myself. This is my change!!! Thank you very much, I love your website!
    Greetings from the Netherlands.